With the diverse experience of Byington Group consultants we provide a wide range of services for corporate  organizations, from EHS assessments to developing environmental management systems. 

Corporate Aviation

The Byington Group has performed a series of services for the corporate aviation business units of clients such as  ExxonMobil, Textar Aviation, Business Jet Center, Business Jet Access and Addison Airport.  Services include:

  • Routine waste identification, profiles, handling, and disposal 
  • Above ground and underground storage tank operations 
  • Tank reconciliations 
  • Tier 2 reporting

From Steel Facilities to Processing and Prepared Foods

The Byington Group has experience with industries as varied as steel processing, poultry and hog processing, and prepared food facilities, all to maintain the companies' respective commitments to environmental responsibility.


  • Ensure continued compliance with city, state (TCEQ), and EPA requirements.  
  • Conduct media specific compliance audits concerning stormwater, wastewater and spill prevention requirements 

Government Agencies

The services provided by the Byington Group for the U.S. Dept. of Treasury Western Currency Facility (WCF) in Fort Worth, Texas provided a framework for a holistic, strategic approach to the organization's environmental policy, plans, and actions.  

  • Designed and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS), culminating with ISO 14001 registration
  • Performed comprehensive assessments, audits/inspections, corrective actions, permitting, and tracking of solid waste, water, and air issues
  • Compiled and submitted an Annual Waste Summary
  • Developed source reduction and waste minimization plans
  • Submitted Waste Identification and Profiles and Notice of Registration (NOR) through the TCEQ STEERS online system